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Yuki Kusuhara
Web Master

Onlifeprevention.org is currently managed by Yuki Kusuhara, who has been involved with OnLife since the development of the organization. Yuki has also contributed her efforts to develop the OnLife logo with the members; a dove on a pixilated background which represents the peace, love and awareness of the pixilated world of the internet and it's social networking community.

Yuki graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Art -- Multimedia. She is currently a Senior Graphic Designer and Creative Director of a Mobile Content Developer/Publisher with a keen eye on the mobile and social networking trends. She has previously contributed her creative efforts to youth culture through photography, film, and graphic design. Always curious about the online community, Yuki is delighted to be involved with innovative members of OnLife Prevention. She hopes to deliver the message through this website and influence the viewers' awareness of depressive expression in online communities.