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Noah Miller

Noah Miller graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Political Science. He has focused his career working extensively in various governmental roles, ranging from campaign management to grassroots coordination. As the former Deputy Campaign Manager for Assemblyman Guy Houston's County Supervisor and Assembly campaigns, Noah is familiar with the basic operations of a competitive primary or general election. During the campaigns, Noah established relationships with key governmental and community leaders, became knowledgeable about issues facing the district, and developed a rapport with the Assemblyman and his staff.

His subsequent service in the Assemblyman's Capitol Office has provided him with insight into the ways in which a campaign can best highlight the legislative successes of a candidate. Although Noah's role of treasurer is primarily dedicated to the financial aspects of OnLife, Noah’s background in politics and state capitol connections will be vital in maintaining our good working relationship with the community, state, and federal interactions.

Noah has experience working as a fundraiser which will be vital to OnLife. From 2005-2006, Noah worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he Solicited financial support from major donors through telephone canvassing program and provided logistical support at formal fundraising events in Los Angeles. In 2004, Noah worked for the DC Youth Orchestra Program where he worked with the program controller to help this not-for-profit organization make a major catch-up in financial data processing using the Great Plains accounting program. Noah's main responsibility will be to serve as the chairperson on the finance committee and make reports to the board about organizational finances, including maintaining the books, handling bank transactions, and sharing check-signing authority with the president.