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Jeff Kobayashi
Executive Director

Jeff Kobayashi has been the driving force behind OnLife Prevention Organization (OnLife) since its inception in 2008. As Executive Director of OnLife, Jeff is responsible for appointing committee chairpersons and members, overseeing all board committees, implementing the OnLife's programs and services at high schools and being the spokesperson for OnLife. Jeff has been a long time advocate of suicide prevention since his 3 year-experience as a peer counselor at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego. Through developing his Master's thesis, Communication Predictors of Suicide: The Personification of Suicide on myspace.com Sites, Jeff was able to statistically detect individuals who have suicidal and depressive characteristics through analyzing their online social network web pages (i.e., myspace.com, facebook.com, etc.).

As he further studied this area, he discovered that there is little, to no utility of online social networks in preventing suicides. With this in mind, Jeff founded OnLife with the mission to pioneer suicide prevention online . Jeff worked closely with outside companies (such as BizCentral USA, Inc. and BizFilings) to launch OnLife as a non-profit organization.

In conjunction with running OnLife, Jeff also volunteers for Yellow Ribbon Organization, a non-profit suicide awareness program in San Diego. He is involved in various public relations activities, including speaking at local high schools about the Yellow Ribbon Program and educating others on suicide awareness. Jeff's credentials include being on the Dean's List while earning his B.A. in Communication and minor in Psychology from the University of Southern California in 2005 and achieving an M.A. in Communication Studies from San Diego State University. In addition, Jeff has professional experience assuming various roles and responsibilities at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, SAIC, Razor USA, and Nektar Therapeutics. Jeff also holds membership to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA), and Web Design and Developers Association (WDDA).