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The OnLife Prevention Organization is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non profit based in San Diego, California which diagnoses potentially depressed and suicidal individuals utilizing today's most popular online social networks. OnLife began its humble beginnings based on the graduate work of OnLife's Executive Director Jeff Kobayashi at San Diego State University with fellow OnLife board members Dr. Brian Spitzberg and Dr. Peter Andersen. The thesis researched how users in online social network personal profiles communicate emotions through various profile information and characteristics.

Once completed the research suggested that there was a high level of correlation between how people who are suicidal and depressed personify themselves versus non-depressed users in online social networks. After Jeff's graduation in 2008 he decided to start a non-profit organization that could put what he had learned into practice.

Soon after OnLife's incorporation in December 2008, the IRS granted 501(c)(3) status in May 2009 and the OnLife team is aiming high to implement their services for free in high schools to help change the way suicide is prevented in the United States.

There are over 500 million users who use various online social networks (there are only 303 million people in the United States) to socialize and keep in touch with friends, therefore OnLife's role to help prevent suicide in youth is on the cutting edge of technology as well as the largest age demographic of both users in online social networks and the highest age group of suicides (15-25 years olds). In addition OnLife hopes to gain momentum in the near future to work with not only schools that wish to use our free service, but also any organizations where we can make a difference.